Pathologic is an incredibly dense game. It’s bizarre and obtuse open-world game that tasks players with saving a dying town from a mysterious plague. But, despite a stilted translation and archaic approach to game design, the 2005 title developed a cult following. Now, developer Ice-Pick Lodge is working on Pathologic 2, a remake of the original game built from the ground up to capture its macabre essence. It’s come a long way over the last few months, and the recently released Pathologic 2 teaser shows just how strange the game really is.

This is a game where anything seems possible. The teaser trailer begins slowly, moving from one dark, dreamy environment to another. Suddenly, the tone changes. A gigantic bull appears on the screen, stoically standing over lonely train tracks. Things only get weirder after that.

The Pathologic 2 teaser goes from interesting to inscrutable in an instant. Lingering shots of the city’s architecture give way to mask-laden villagers and twisted, monstrous people. The plague’s effects are potent and far-reaching. The citizens are cautious of outsiders. They use flamethrowers to burn infected bodies. Everything seems unsafe. In short, Pathologic 2 is doing everything it needs to. In just over a minute of footage, the teaser sells a world that’s as evocative as it is unbelievable. It’s enchanting, yet perverse.

According to publisher TinyBuild, Pathologic 2 will make an appearance at PAX West before it opens up for an alpha test. Those interested in exploring the game’s unsettling streets can register for alpha access on Pathologic 2‘s website.

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