This actually happened a couple of days ago, but (shame on me) I didn’t notice. Anyway, Ice-Pick Lodge’s Pathologic Kickstarter has raised the necessary $250,000 USD to remake and expand the game.

The project’s main page now has a few stretch goals on there, some of which may be doable in the six days the campaign has left to raise cash. Another $35,000(ish,) for example, would mean Ice-Pick Lodge can further extend and expand the game’s main city.

In a concise message about Pathologic’s funding success, Ice-Pick Lodge thank their backers and declare friendship to all: “You’re not consumers, not merely an audience we work for, not a crowd whose emotions we feed upon. You’re the engine of the ship we’re steering.”

Pathologic is an unusual title with an unseen and deadly enemy: disease. You play one of three doctors drawn to a plague-ridden town and are tasked with attempting to sort out what’s going on, and cure the Sand Plague in just twelve days. If you know the heritage of the developer, you’ll know this town is a bit … strange. Originally released in 2005, the remake is intended to extend and expand the game, as well as providing some high-quality localisation (which was missing the first time around.)

Here’s the sort of thing you’re in for:

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