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Pax Dei servers: How to host a dedicated and private server

Who wants new friends, anyway?

While it is a survival game with a social element, Pax Dei players might just want to hang out with their friends exclusively. Let’s check out whether you can host a dedicated and private server in Pax Dei.

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Can you host a dedicated and private server in Pax Dei?

While hosting and creating a dedicated and private server for you and your buddies to play in sounds like a wonderful idea due to some less-than-desirable server errors, rubberbanding, or other connectivity issues, the truth is that creating and hosting a dedicated or private server in Pax Dei is impossible at the moment. Not only that, but Pax Dei’s developers, Mainframe Industries, have said in the past that they do not plan to implement this option in the future whatsoever.

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While it surely is a problem for those who might want to interact with anyone but strangers, the whole idea of Pax Dei is to interact with players to build a community of sorts. A social sandbox MMO, that is. In that case, it could make sense that they do not plan to implement any option that may jeopardize their vision. Nevertheless, it would have been nice to have it for those looking to prioritize cooperative town building without the risk of having a third party ruining it.

How to check Pax Dei server status

Given that wanting a private server stems from connectivity issues, you would probably want to know whether Pax Dei servers are undergoing maintenance or suffering from the issues we all know and love. Thankfully, there are two major ways you can check how servers-related and other issues in general are being addressed.

First, you can check out Pax Dei’s official Service Status page where you can find updates on server status as well as known bugs and issues being reported by players. Second, you can follow Pax Dei’s X handle which works similarly to its status page, but it’s a bit more accessible.

Pax Dei Service Status
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But anyway, it appears that Mainframe Industries have been addressing and fixing each of the game’s issues presented at launch. Other than picking a great base location on the map, picking an area in the world that isn’t as populated as others might also prevent connectivity issues due to the stress each of the region’s servers goes through at a time.

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