hotline payday 2

    It’s a bad time to own a white suit in Payday 2.

    Do you like heisting other people? It’s time for a DLC crossover that instantly makes an awful lot of sense: Payday 2 and Hotline Miami. Overkill has announced the upcoming collaboration on their Steam page and answered a few questions about it in the bargain.

    Why is this happening? Because Overkill “fucking love Hotline Miami.” That’s a good reason. No complaints.

    Not a whole lot of details about what this little project will contain, other than confirmation that “a heist is confirmed.” More information will be forthcoming closer to the release date of 30 September.

    There’s also an unsavoury trailer to accompany this announcement. In-keeping with the Hotline Miami style, it’s rather unpleasant to look at but has a great soundtrack.

    Peter Parrish

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