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Payday 2 web series Episode 5 continues spiralling off the rails

payday 2 greta

I love the Payday 2 web series. It’s cheesy and silly and glorious and stupid, and this latest episode is no different.

Titled “Greta the Assassin”, episode five introduces… Greta, an assassin who likes to kill people in a sparkly dress. It also brings back the terrible FBI agents from earlier episodes, so that’s a bit of a treat. The episode’s plot focuses on an IMF ambassador double-crossing Bain, which obviously means said ambassador is going to get murdered, possibly by an assassin in a sparkly dress.

All told, I’m wondering if Greta might be the female robber that’s apparently in the works as a DLC character, but that might be pushing speculation a bit far. Either way, I’d highly recommend getting some popcorn and watching the video below.

Payday 2 has been out for awhile, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Check out the review here.

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