June 22nd, 2017

Payday 2 web series Episode 6 is more entertaining rubbish

Payday 2 web series Episode 6 is more entertaining rubbish

payday 2

Payday 2‘s web series is a huge guilty pleasure for me. Its mix of mostly less-than-good acting with some desperately “moody” dialogue makes it one of the most compellingly rubbish things I’ve seen in such a very, very long time.

And now, after a lengthy hiatus (the previous episode launched at the start of September) it’s back! Episode 6 – entitled Vlad and Gage – focuses on Russian Mafia type Vlad, and the wheelchair-bound arms dealer Gage. At least, I think that’s who Gage is. This series doesn’t tend to make much clear.

The official description is “Special agent Griffin is getting too close to CRIMENET so Bain sends Vlad to have a ‘friendly’ chat with her hoping the message will get across”, which I guess is fairly accurate. Probably. This episode also marks the first time we’ve seen the actual Payday crew in a while, too.

You can have a watch of it below. Oh, and Payday 2 itself is rather good and has been out for a little while now, in case you somehow missed that.

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