September 5th, 2017

Payday 2’s Big Bank Heist DLC breaks onto Steam

payday 2 big bank

If you’re itching for a new heist, Payday 2‘s Big Bank Heist DLC has broken into Steam through some successful planning.

The Big Bank Heist adds a new contact (the Dentist, played by Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito) and what is apparently the biggest Payday heist yet. According to the description, “you could fit 10 Harvest & Trustee branches in the Benevolent Bank and you could fit a Robert’s bank in the vault alone.”

Fortunately, you’re not going into such a huge heist completely blind. The Big Bank Heist also gives you pre-planning, which lets you map out the heist before you do it. You can use this to check out surveillance, disable some security, and set up easier access routes – or if you’re planning on going loud, you can use it to stash supplies in useful locations. You can do this through both cash and favours, although throwing around too many of either will raise a whole lot of suspicions before the heist has even begun.

The Big Bank Heist also offers you the modular Falcon rifle, four masks based on founding fathers and US presidents, four new materials and patterns, and 10 new achievements – each of which offers a modification to the Falcon rifle as a completion reward. This particular Payday 2 DLC will cost you £4.99, although from what I can gather it won’t fragment the player base – only the host of the game needs to own the DLC for the rest of his crew to join in.

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