payday 2 hotline miami

This comes close to being all I’ve ever wanted.

Do you like hurting other people? Do you like heists? Then rejoice: someone’s spilled their Hotline Miami in your Payday 2.

The Payday 2: Hotline Miami DLC has just been released, offering you a multitude of new ways to hurt people, new masks to wear while hurting them, and a new heist in which to hurt them. It’ll cost you £4.49, but do note that this won’t grant you everything – a few of the included bits and pieces are only unlocked if you also own Hotline Miami on your Steam account.

The new heist is another Dentist mission, which – if the screenshots are any judge – takes place in a seedy motel. You’re apparently tasked with drawing out a Russian by sabotaging his operations, which sounds fairly Hotline Miami, although the Hotline Miami approach would likely be less “drawing out” and more “home invasion with a baseball bat.”

Eight new weapons are included. There are three submachine guns (including an Uzi) and five melee weapons, ranging from baseball bats to meat cleavers. One of these – a briefcase – is only unlocked if you own Hotline Miami, however.

There are also eight new masks, eight new patterns, eight new materials, and seven new achievements. Four masks, four patterns, and four materials are (once again) locked unless you own Hotline Miami. Don’t worry, though: you can still roam around in an owl mask painted to look like a TV test screen, even if you only have Payday 2.

This DLC launches at the same time as a new Payday 2 patch, which boasts a few intriguing features. For one thing, law enforcers and thugs will now fight each other, which I suspect will have some bearing on the DLC heist.

If you fancy getting this most tubular DLC, book it over to Steam and drop down your £4.49. And if you don’t own Hotline Miami or Payday 2… well, that’s just heinous to the max. Grody, even.

Tim McDonald
Tim has been playing PC games for longer than he's willing to admit. He's written for a number of publications, but has been with PC Invasion - in all its various incarnations - for over a decade. When not writing about games, Tim can occasionally be found speedrunning terrible ones, making people angry in Dota 2, or playing something obscure and random. He's also weirdly proud of his status as (probably) the Isle of Man's only professional games journalist.

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