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Fans of Payday 2 have been waiting on news of its sequel for quite some time. In fact, Payday 3 was first announced all the way back in 2017. But development obviously didn’t go exactly as planned. However, in 2021, Starbreeze Studios signed an agreement with Koch Media (now known as Plaion) to get Payday 3 back on track. And that brings us here, with the release of Payday 3 to come in 2023 along with a logo reveal trailer and Steam page that just launched recently.

Alongside the Steam page for Payday 3, Almir Listo, head of community for Starbreeze Studios, wrote an introductory post for the Steam community. The first point raised in the post concerned people’s confusion about whether Payday 3 would come to Steam or not. Fortunately for Steam users, it will be the “primary platform on PC, just like it is for PAYDAY 2.”

More Payday 3 news to come in 2023

This first Steam community post for Payday 3 is mostly a greeting to new and returning players. And there is sure to be plenty of news to come in the next few months regarding Payday 3. But one of the bigger drops of information for the upcoming game was its reveal trailer.

The trailer doesn’t show much since it’s only 24 seconds long. But we do get a shot of what could be a new location in the game. Plus there’s a glimpse of who we can assume to be Dallas, Chains, Wolf, and Hoxton. But Payday 2 players know that the current cast of playable characters is a bit bizarre these days. Who knows? Maybe John Wick will be playable in Payday 3, too.

It’s certainly been a long time since Payday 2 was first released. But with its sequel now properly on the horizon, fans can look forward to what’s next. As for when we’ll next hear about Payday 3, it could be a little while until we see a new Steam community post. Fortunately, Payday 3‘s developers are open to answering questions through the discussion board. So we’ll likely find out some new information from future answers.

It’s good to see that the game does in fact exist and is headed our way this year. Until that time comes, it’s probably a good idea to reassemble your crew and brush up on your heisting skills in Payday 2.

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