Pc Classic Via Unit E

In the world where we have a ton of “mini-classic” this and that, another one is coming that might interest old-school PC gamers. Simply called the “PC Classic”, it could hit the market soon. According to The Gamer, a small company known as Unit-e created the prototype, and they showed off what it can do in a short YouTube video below. Now, while they only showed off a few classic games, they are awaiting licensing rights for at least 30+ to be included in the final version.

The few old-school DOS games they showed off included Commander Keen, Jill of the Jungle, Doom, and Quake II. As for the computer itself, it literally fits in your hand. If you want to relive some of the glory days of PC gaming, this is a great way to start. I say good on Unit-e for taking the initiative to create something like this.

Features Of The PC Classic

  • Two USB slots on the front allow you to hook up your favorite, keyboard, mouse, or even gamepad
  • The back side of the unit contains both a video jack to hook it up to a retro monitor and an HDMI port to display it on the latest and greatest in gaming monitors
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • A retro look and feel of its overall design, complete with even an old-school, fake floppy disk drive

The good news for Unit-e is that they have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in acquiring licenses, since they have made arcade games before. Even so, it will be a bit of wait before we see this available for purchase. They are hoping for at least a Spring/Summer 2019 release date window, provided they get what they need.

The C64 mini recently came out this year, and, since there is a market for “mini” versions (thank you, Nintendo), I’m sure a PC Classic would do well too. For now, you can just check out the video and decide for yourself if this is something you would want to invest in and take on the go with you. You can also check out their handy FAQ section on their website for more info.

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