PC Dark Souls will be ‘a straight port’

Mixed news about the forthcoming Dark Souls port to PC. The much-loathed inclusion of Games For Windows Live is, according to a Namco Bandai spokesperson, “still to be decided”, so there may still be some hope in that area.
However, From Software producer Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed that Namco requested a “straight port” for the PC, which means minimal keyboard and mouse support, no changes to any of the interface and a possible lack of optimisation in low-FPS areas like Blighttown (though hopefully a powerful PC would be able to brute-force through those areas).
Having a gamepad on hand, then, will probably be quite important (just as it is for other console-focused titles like Assassin’s Creed).
In better news, Miyazaki indicated that he’d be open to some sort of modding, stating that he is “interested in the concept of mods”, but that due to a lack of experience developing for the PC From Software is “not announcing anything” at this time.
So, a mixed bag of details, but at least PC users will be able to play the game on their systems.
Source: vg247.com

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