April 6th, 2017

PC Digital Sales Charts: Aion Flies High

Pre-order fever for Aion struck just prior to the game’s launch, allowing the hotly-anticipated MMO to take the top spot in both the Steam and Direct2Drive charts.It seems like we’re talking about Aion every week in the digital charts, so I’m going to guess you know it all by now. If not, be sure to check out MMO editor Bill Vaughan’s Aion diaries and get a look at what you’re missing. If you’ve been holding off because of the reports of queueing, then you might also want to see NCSoft’s response.So what else is popping up in the charts? Well, Champions Online is still doing okay, placing at tenth on Steam but second on Direct2Drive, but the real excitement is in the new titles.The sublime Batman: Arkham Asylum, following its PC release, has swooped into second place on the Steam charts, and is followed by Resident Evil 5 at third, the Jedi Knight Collection at fourth, and newcomer Red Faction: Guerrilla has popped in at seventh.Direct2Drive’s newcomers to the charts include Batman at third, the wonderful BioShock at fifth (due, most likely, to it dropping in price to £5 GBP), Need for Speed SHIFT – reviewed yesterday by our own Andy Alderson – at seventh, and Majesty 2, which Bill thoroughly enjoyed, at ninth. A special on the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Dark Athena – which saw the price of the stabby sneaking game drop to $5 USD in the States – has brought that in at sixth.You can probably guesss the listings now, but here you are anyway:Steam Top Ten (13/9 – 19/9)Aion Collector’s Edition (pre-order)Batman: Arkham AsylumResident Evil 5Star Wars Jedi Knight CollectionGarry’s ModLeft 4 DeadRed Faction: GuerrillaAion Standard Edition (pre-order)Counter-Strike: SourceChampions OnlineDirect2Drive Top Ten (13/9 – 19/9)Aion Collector’s Edition (pre-order)Champions OnlineBatman: Arkham AsylumFallen Earth (pre-order)BioShockThe Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark AthenaNeed for Speed SHIFTStar Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicMajesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom SimAion Standard Edition (pre-order)

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