E3 is always a bit nuts, it’s information overload, and soaking up everything over three days is tough on the old grey matter.

Special E3 trailers are a great way to sell games to the public and some do it brilliantly, others leave you scratching your head in frustration at a lack of information and gameplay footage. Either way, the main objective is to make you WANT it.

We have decided to cast a critical eye over the trailers and pic out the vids that made us want to play the game based solely on the trailer footage.

5. Dying light

Zombies may seem a bit old hat these days but Tehcland are wanting to raise the bar with zombie games in Dying Light. Make it through the day and survive the night is the idea and this trailer gives that sense of desperation as the surprisingly quick zombies pile in. The trailer also shows the parkour that’s part of the actual gameplay which is definitely a plus point.

4. Watch Dogs E3 CGI trailer

Watch Dogs is one of the big releases this year and Ubisoft are really backing this title. While Watch Dogs may be the gaming equivalent of the TV show A Person of Interest, it is a little different from some of the other games due for release.

No gameplay in this one, UbiSoft has already released gameplay footage but what this trailer did well was explain the concept.

3. Battlefield 4 Siege of Shanghai multiplayer trailer

Yes, it’s Battlefield 4, no explanation really needed for this trailer regarding what the game is about. Run around, shoot stuff and play with your mates.

The action in this multiplayer trailer is intense, and if your adrenaline wasn’t pumping and making you want to play the game we’d be surprised. Comprised of gameplay, this trailer shows Shanghai being torn apart as players go nuts with guns and vehicles. It also demonstrates the new Frostbite 3 engine rather well. However, EA should be punished for coining the phrase “Levolution”.

2. Titanfall E3 reveal trailer

Respawn Entertainment’s ground combat/mech FPS Titanfall is coming to the PC, even though it was really being touted as an Xbox One reveal at E3.

This trailer is an action-packed shoot-fest which brilliantly shows how Respawn are mixing the soldier ground combat with mechs which are summoned and dropped into game. Like the Battlefield 4 trailer, it makes you want to try the game NOW!

1. E3 footage from The Witcher 3

What is there to say about The Witcher 3 other than it’s a simply stunning looking game, and even if you’ve not played the two previous titles, this trailer is enough to get any gamer excited. It may even make you go pick up the first two games so you’re in the Witcher loop.

Including key phrases such as “multi-region open world” and “dynamic and tactical combat”, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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