PC Game Pass may be getting Death Stranding next week [Updated]

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[Updated on August 19 @ 10:30 AM ET]: Microsoft has confirmed that Dead Stranding will be available on PC Game Pass starting on August 23. From what we can tell, it is not the Director’s Cut edition. It also isn’t clear if you can upgrade.

Considering the unconventional nature of Death Stranding’s core gameplay, some gamers may not want to fork over $39.99 USD for the Director’s Cut on Steam. Fortunately, it looks like players will soon get to try Death Stranding out for significantly cheaper, as the official PC Game Pass Twitter account seemed to subtly suggest that the game will eventually come to Microsoft’s ever-popular service.

Just yesterday, Twitter users noted that the PC Game Pass account changed its profile picture to depict a vast, green landscape, coinciding with a vague tweet stating, “sometimes we just like a good landscape picture.” It didn’t take long for fans to notice that this landscape image lines up exactly with an area from Death Stranding. The possibility of Death Stranding joining Game Pass seems a bit odd, as Sony currently owns the rights to the IP. However, PlayStation’s San Diego Studio did bring MLB The Show 22 over to the service back in April, so the precedent for such a scenario already exists.


Kojima has something in store for us

In other news, Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima recently tweeted that he has finished editing an unknown trailer. Considering that Gamescom 2022 will take place a mere week from now, it seems likely that this trailer will make an appearance at the event. Although the trailer could come in the form of a Death Stranding Game Pass announcement, it could just as easily pertain to some other reveal, especially with all the rumored projects Kojima supposedly has in the works.

We’ll ultimately have to wait and see for an official confirmation that Death Stranding will indeed make its way to PC Game Pass. It appears pretty likely that an announcement is being hinted at, though, so Game Pass players will seemingly get to haul enormous stacks of packages across a post-apocalyptic America fairly soon.

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