PC Game Release Date List 2018 – 2019

PC Game Release Date List 2018 – 2019

2018 TBA PC Games

Ashen (Aurora 44): 2018

An ARPG that offers “passive” multiplayer and Souls-like combat.

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Black Mesa (Crowbar Collective): 2018

Although it’s been in Early Access for years, Black Mesa is expected to release some time in late 2018.

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Dual Universe (Novaquark): 2018

A civilization-building MMORPG.

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Eastshade (Eastshade Studios): 2018

A visually stunning looking title where you are a traveling painter exploring the island of Eastshade.

Fimbul (Zaxis): 2018

A single-player comic book game where you play as a berserker in the last winter before Ragnarok, the end of the world.

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Frozen Synapse 2 (Mode 7) 2018

Originally planned to release in 2016 it was pushed back to 2017. Mode 7 has once again delayed the tactical strategy sequel’s release to 2018 so we’re hoping it’s worth the wait.

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Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure (Stuck in the Attic): 2018

An artistic point-and-click story where you try to cure your cursed talking cat whilst exploring Transylvania.

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Kings of Lorn: Fall of Ebris (TeamKill): 2018

In this survival horror, your own beloved King has destroyed the world in his ravenous lust for immortality. Can you save Lunaris.

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Maneater (Tripwire): 2018

Play as shark and eat people.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (TaleWorlds Entertainment): 2018

A sequel to one of the most engaging and immersive sandbox adventure and army-building games of all time, Bannerlord is something fans hotly anticipate as 2018 draws to a close.

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Rapture Rejects (Galvanic) : 2018

Cartoony battle royale

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Re-Legion (1C): 2018

Re-Legion is promising a “unique multiplayer experience” with single player modes and it’s set in the year 2083 and it’s played form a classic isometric viewpoint. It looks like it’s a bit like Syndicate.


Satisfactory (Coffee Stain Studios): 2018

An FPS open-world factory building sim.

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Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass (Croteam) 2018

Arrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhhhhhh! Sam is back.

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption (Dark Star Game Studios): 2018

Boss-rush action RPG title (Dark Souls, not Diablo) where you have to level down before each encounter.

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The Church in the Darkness (Paranoid Productions): 2018

Set in the 1970s, players will have to infiltrate a religious cult The game’s story involves searching for your nephew in the isolated confines of Freedom Town, a settlement established by fanatics Rebecca and Issac Walker deep in the South American jungle.

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Witchfire (The Astronauts): 2018

The Astronauts (Ethan Carter) are returning to their Painkiller/Bulletstorm roots for a fantasy shooter.

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    • Raptor Jesus

      AOE4 is vaporware. It’s been announced but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get cancelled in a year or two.

    • Shahriar Hossain

      You missed Serious Sam 4

    • xCheck

      It is sad to see there are no games similar to Star Citizen or any style of games scope of it in development. I hoped CIG/SC would finally encourage developers make enormous and ambitious games for PC but it looks like that’s not the case. Disappointing.

      • Jason Storey

        Billion dollar budget vaporware isn’t something to strive for.

      • graffite

        Bruh, chronicles of elyria tho

      • Kyle Rybski

        It is a disheartening list, I agree. “2019 onwards” has some interest, at least. But I don’t think SC will be revitalizing the platform until release shows it can be profitable. Funding != Profit

    • Shahriar Hossain

      Where is Serious Sam 4??! And Spider-man?

      • Paul Younger

        Expect another update shortly. We are currently moving the site over to new speedier layout.

    • Waswat

      missing BATTLETECH for april 24th

      • Paul Younger

        It’s there.

    • https://graphicscardhub.com/ Akshat Verma

      Where is Battlefield V ?

    • check

      One of the biggest PC game release this year.

      X4: Foundations – November 30th