Pc Game Release Calandar 2019

Rest of 2019 – Unconfirmed Dates/Timetables

The following PC games are expected to release in 2019 but no dates/timetables have been specified:

Among Trees (FJRD Interactive): Steam Early Access

A survival sandbox set in a lush wilderness with, of course, trees!

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Babylon’s Fall (Platinum Games)

Battle against formidable gods as a mysterious Nomad.

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Battletoads (Rare)

Featuring 4K hand-drawn graphics and three-player couch co-op, the Battletoads finally make their return to modern gaming. We’re hoping the side-scrolling beat-em-up is still as frustratingly difficult as ever. Battletoads will be available for Xbox Game Pass users who will be able to play it on PC.

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Biomutant (THQ Nordic)

An open-world adventure game that combines shooting, melee combat, martial arts, and even mutant abilities.

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Desperados 3 (Minimi Productions)

A real-time strategy game set in the wild west.

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Kings of Lorn: Fall of Ebris (TeamKill)

In this survival horror, your own beloved king has destroyed the world in his ravenous lust for immortality. Can you save Lunaris.

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Maneater (Tripwire Interactive)

Explore the sunken depths and tear divers limb from limb, Jaws-style, while you play as an evolving shark!

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Scavengers (Midwinter)

Co-op, survival, and PvP in a post-apocalyptic frozen world are the highlights of Scavengers.

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Session (crea-ture Studios)

He’s possessed to skate. Currently a Steam Early Access title.

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Terraria: Journey’s End (Re-Logic)

Is it an expansion, or is it a major update? Well, it’s both. Terraria: Journey’s End will become the fourth major patch for the game. It will feature a new difficulty mode, a bestiary, more enemies and items, and, well, even golf!

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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics (BonusXP)

A game with around 80 turn-based battles set in a fantasy world that’s based on a Netflix series.

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The Last Campfire (Hello Games)

An artistic and intriguing adventure from the makers of No Man’s Sky.

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Tunic (Andrew Shouldice)

A cutesy adventure featuring a heroic fox.

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Hearts of Iron IV: La Resistance (Paradox Interactive)

Use covert operatives and spy rings to infiltrate and wreak havoc behind enemy lines, or bolster collaborators as an occupying force.

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Stellaris: Federations (Paradox Interactive)

Expand your diplomatic capabilities by joining powerful blocs called Federations. Sanction your foes and rule your own Galactic Senate.

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Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (Sega)

A remastered version of the latest Yakuza game. Expected to come out later this year according to Sega’s financial report.

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