Pci 2021 2022 Release Dates

Other PC game releases in 2021

These are the other PC games that are expected to release in 2021.

Note: The schedules are subject to change.


Praey for the Gods (No Matter Studios): Early 2021

Currently an Early Access title, Praey for the Gods has you surviving an endless winter while climbing atop gargantuan bosses that you need to defeat.

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Roller Champions (Ubisoft): Early 2021

A competitive sporting game where you take on the opposing team on your rollerblades. Perhaps it will give Rocket League a run for its money?

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Soup Pot (Chikon Club): Q4 2021

Start cooking some Filipino and Southeast Asian cuisines.

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The Peterson Case (Quarter Circle Games): Late 2021

Previously known as Once Upon a Time in Roswell, The Peterson Case is about an investigation regarding the disappearance of a family. What horrors await?

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Crimson Desert (Pearl Abyss): Winter 2021

This open-world RPG combines impressive visuals and some online action to boot.

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The games listed below are expected to release in 2021, though no definite quarter or season has been announced yet.

Ashes of Creation (Intrepid Studios)

This highly ambitious MMORPG promises a plethora of choices and outcomes that’ll determine how the world responds to your actions.

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Corepunk (Artificial Core)

An MMORPG with steampunk themes.

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Gladiux (Starcaster Games)

A combat game where you battle in the ludus or coliseums as a gladiator.

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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (TT Games)

This action-adventure game will feature your favorite characters from the Star Wars films (as LEGO figures). Best of all, the entire game will span all nine films from Episode I: The Phantom Menace to the upcoming Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. No storefront page is available at this time.

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Puzzle Quest 3 (Infinity Plus Two/505 Games)

The next installment will release some time in 2021.

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Star Citizen: Squadron 42 (Cloud Imperium Games)

A single-player spacefaring game set in the Star Citizen universe. Alpha and beta releases, and possibly a full version, are expected to release this year.

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