Pci 2020 2021 Release Dates

December 2020

The PC games listed on this page have been announced as releasing in December 2020. This page will also include titles that are expected to come out in Q4 2020 or the holiday season.

Corepunk (Artificial Core): Q4 2020

An MMORPG with steampunk themes.

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Chains of Fury (Cobble Games): Q4 2020

A retro-inspired FPS with comic book art style. You can even destroy and blow up walls to get around places.

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Pumpkin Jack (Nicolas Meyssonnier): Q4 2020

A platformer game where you control a spooky individual with a jack-o’-lantern for a head. As an evil lord, you’ll have to solve some puzzles and beat down do-gooders in the Boredom Kingdom.

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Songs of Conquest (Lavapotion): Late 2020

A turn based game where you build a kingdom, raise armies and control powerful magicians called Wielders.

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Roadwarden (Moral Anxiety Studio): Late 2020

Set out on a journey in this text-based RPG that combines pixel art and visual novel flair.

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Halo 4 (343 Studios): Late 2020

Halo 4 releases on PCs as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It’s the last title from the compendium that’ll launch, coinciding with the release of a brand new game, Halo Infinite, that comes out during the holiday season.

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Halo Infinite (343 Studios): Holiday 2020

Witness the return of Master Chief in the latest addition to the Halo mythos. Halo Infinite will be releasing for the Xbox One, PC/Windows, and Project Scarlett, Microsoft’s yet-to-be-unveiled console.

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Godfall (Counterplay Games/Gearbox) Holiday 2020

Godfall is a looter-slasher — a game with lots of loot, and you get loot by killing enemies with melee attacks. It’s the first game to be announced for the PS5, and it’ll be part of the Epic Games Store when it releases for PCs.

Outriders (People Can Fly): Holiday 2020

A devastated world, akin to cyberpunk (no, not the game, the genre itself) meets Mad Max, greets you in Outriders. You’ll even face off against terrifying foes.

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The Forgotten City (Modern Storyteller): Winter 2020

A standalone game based on the award-winning Skyrim mod, you’ll visit a ruined city in order to unravel the mystery behind its doom. Delays have plagued the release of the standalone title, but we’ll see a Roman Empire-esque reimagining.

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