PC gamers need not worry about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, says Firaxis

Fan of the original XCOM games? Worried that, with the games coming to console, Firaxis’ upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown is not going to provide the kind of in-depth expereince you’re looking for?
Firaxis’ Pete Murray says not to worry.
“I understand where PC players are coming from, 99% of my gaming is PC gaming. But they don’t need to worry. The game is good regardless of what platform you’re playing on. We’re going to be able to do things with the PC interface that you can’t do on consoles – the spec is more open, you’ve got a whole keyboard to work with.
“One of the really cool things was that, right after the announcement, there was a lot [suspicion] from PC gamers but went away really fast because they realised that it still looked like a fun game. Fun games are still fun regardless of the platform.”
What exactly it is that Firaxis are going to do “with the PC interface that you can’t do on consoles” has yet to be revealed, but we await with eager anticipation.