PC games sales up 230%, Console game sales down 28%

With Microsoft and Sony taking their time in ending the lifespan of their current systems, PC games could see a resurgence.

A decade ago the PC was the system of choice for many video gamers who wanted the best graphics, the most cutting-edge gaming experience and the ability to play with friends online. Before the arrival of the Xbox and PS2 from Sony, the PC was the dominant system for multiplayer action-based games.

Times changed. Consoles, for a time, seemed to have shifted predominantly into gamers’ cross-hairs.

Fortune writes:

“Times could be changing again, however. According to industry analyst NPD Group, sales of video-game hardware software and even accessories fell for a sixth consecutive month in May, tumbling 28% from a year earlier to $517 million. And with the release of Blizzard’s Diablo III, May also saw the first time since July 2010 that the top-selling game overall was a PC-only title. That boosted PC video games sales up year-over-year to 230% or $80 million.”

Is this trend going to escalate? With the popularity of Steam, only available on PC, gamers may be finding more and more satisfaction in playing in their private bedrooms on a PC rather than heading towards the TV in the living room. Are we seeing a comeback of PC gaming?


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