PC Invasion Discord Channel Launched

PC Invasion Discord Channel Launched

OK PC Invasion readers, we are now a Discord Partner and we’ve launched the PC Invasion Discord channel.

For the past week we have been testing the new channel with the Supporters (thanks for checking in guys) and we’re now happy with it. Today we’re inviting you all in.

This is a great way to communicate directly with us, talk to other community members, use voice comms to play together, or even pass on news tips to us.

If you have never used Discord, it’s kind of a cross between good old IRC and Teamspeak. It is rather good and we have been using it a lot for playing Paragon.

You can grab the Discord app here, and once you have it installed, simply click this link https://discordapp.com/invite/pcinvasion and you will automatically be invited to the PC Invasion channel.

We hope you’ll join us from today to shoot the breeze with the community, Peter, Tim, Elly and myself.

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    • Railbydefault

      Good stuff!!