Ultra Ultra’s ECHO is not a simple game to summarise, or to explain over game footage; so naturally I’ve tried to do both in this video. You play as En (Rose Leslie), who is trying to revive an old friend who may (or may not) still exist as consciousness inside a cube.

There are some fairly substantial walk-and-talk narrative sections, but in the video below you’ll mostly see third-person action. These bits put you up against the AI ‘Echoes’; versions of En that can learn from her actions. Anything she (you) do in the game leaves a ghostly outline. After a ‘blackout’, the AI will now be able to copy those actions.

This doesn’t continue indefinitely, otherwise ECHO would quickly become impossible. The AI’s knowledge cycles with the light/blackout periods, so it forgets as well as learns. This is all demonstrated a little better in the footage below, so watch that to learn more. Or read this recent interview we did with Ultra Ultra.

ECHO is out today on Steam.

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