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PC Invasion Plays Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy – Part 11

Part 11 of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy confirms that the game is going all-in with mystical oddness, secret societies, and, yes, probably aliens. I am one hundred percent on board with this stupidity.

Lucas is a busy boy in this installment. He has to use his Matrix powers to avoid being hit by multiple cars, leg it away from a spirit panther, save his brother, and perfect his balance at a creepy fairground. The police duo don’t get much to do, besides busting into the wrong hotel room and (once again) arriving too late to catch their suspect.

Also there’s a another Lucas-as-child stealth section, and I’m a bit crap at it again. Sorry. Look forward to all of that, in the latest episode of Fahrenheit, below.