Last week’s archival research episode probably wasn’t the most thrilling, so I’m happy to say Fahrenheit returns to some action in Part 6. There’s a police shooting range mini-game, spooky crows, spooky old ladies, and even the long-awaited resolution to Tyler’s poker debt.

    Carla chats with a sassy Detective Mitchell about the Kirsten case and (mostly) shoots some cardboard terrorists. While that’s going on, Lucas is following the lead given to him by his brother, which ends up as a memory regression session. Plus some stuff about snake symbols.

    And, as mentioned, Tyler and Jeff get into a climactic b-ball showdown in what turns out to be a fairly one-sided contest. Rounding out the segment is a classic David Cage fixation: women in showers. That’s all in Part 6 of PC Invasion Plays Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, below.

    Peter Parrish

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