Good news for people who enjoy Omikron’s wonky brand of first-person shooting sections; Part 10 has one of those, with bonus robot dogs. I’m heading to the docks in this episode, with orders not to come back until a certain bridge is one hundred percent exploded.

Before that, I managed to find Jenna and have a chat with her about the socio-political state of the world. Turns out there’s an AI running things, but its orders are carried out by a narcissistic dictator … or something. How this all fits in with demons infiltrating police HQs, I’m not yet sure.

Anyway, down at the docks I fail to figure out how this whole voluntary reincarnation lark works, do some FPS bits, get stupidly lost in a tiny space, and save before having to do another awful jumping puzzle. It’ll all be worth it if I can finally meet Bowie. Here’s part 10 of Omikron!

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