Omikron:: The Nomad Soul

You’re all spared a long, confusing toil through another of Omikron’s rubbish FPS areas this week, thanks to some after-action narration. See, the first time I played through this rooftop section it … didn’t go well. So I came back, re-recorded a better run, and added talking afterwards.

That means you don’t get to see a third episode in a row with me wandering around utterly confused about where to go. Much more exciting, though, is that this installment features the first glimpse of Boz (David Bowie). Albeit in pirate radio transmission form, rather than face to face.

With the propaganda broadcast in place, I learn about the secrets of magic bowls, and acquire the keys to a sweet new hideout. See all of that in the latest Omikron, below.

Strikers is a MOBA inspired football game from Petroglyph

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