PC Invasion Plays Paragon’s new hero Aurora

PC Invasion Plays Paragon’s new hero Aurora

The first icy character has joined the Paragon hero roster today and she’s quite a handful.

With skills that freeze the enemy and a skill that can even be used to block, she’s quite tricky to get to grips with. I’ve played a couple of live games in which one went OK while the other was a complete disaster.

In today’s PC Invasion Plays Paragon, I take Aurora for a spin against the AI, sadly everybody is trying to play her right now so getting a live game was nigh on impossible. I did get shouted at in the draft by one guy earlier who didn’t want to play with a “NOOB” who has never played Aurora before because it would affect his ELO when we lost. We won the match and he had 12 deaths and no kills while I sat on 4 kills and six deaths in only my second game with Aurora. Who’s the NOOB now? Thought I would share than in case anyone else tried to pull the same stunt and try and harass players out of the draft.

This latest patch v.37 tweaks quite a few things as you can see in the latest Paragon patch notes, and it’s getting slightly more polished with every patch. Watch the video below for a look at Aurora and her skills. She feels quite different from the other melee casters.

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