PC Invasion Plays Paragon – The Fey

PC Invasion Plays Paragon – The Fey

Epic has just released the new hero The Fey into Paragon so it was time to take her for a spin.

Some of our lovely readers requested to see new hero additions in a live match environment instead of against bots so we’ve done that in this video. For this match, I’m joined by Elly, who is me regular playing partner, and she is playing Iggy & Scorch.

This was my second game as The Fey and I really had to mess with the card decks to get something workable for me. Her mana consumption is quite intense early on, and although the deck I used was by no means perfect, it was better than the starter deck provided.

This video is a full match with The Fey so watch and find out if we won.

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