PC Invasion Plays Paragon Monolith with the Epic team

PC Invasion Plays Paragon Monolith with the Epic team

Last week we joined Epic on the Paragon servers to test out the new Monolith map which goes live on 6 December.

We’ve been avid Paragon players for many months and we had the opportunity to test the new Monolith map ahead of launch. It was quite a shock, the game has completely┬áchanged in more ways than one. You can read all about that in our special report.

Being new to the Monolith map, the Epic team were nice enough to not to completely wipe us out but we knew they were toying with us for the first of the two games. Watch Paul, Elly, and PC Invasion Supporter Josh stumble around the new map and at the same time ask Epic questions. It’s been tough to get our heads around the massive changes that are coming to the game.

More information on all the changes can be found in our full report.

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