PC Invasion Plays Paragon – Revenant

PC Invasion Plays Paragon – Revenant

This week a new hero joins the Paragon Roster and it’s the gunslinging Revenant.

In this PC Invasion Plays, I take Revenant for a spin and test out his skills which do a heck of a lot of damage, especially Obliterate with the projectiles and his ultimate where you enter the Nether Realm and go one on one with a marked target.

Like Morigesh, marking a target can give a real boost to damage but you have to get reasonably close to make the mark. It’s worth it though if you can follow it up with Obliterate. There’s no escape skill though so be careful.

Revenant is packed with power so stacking your deck with power cards and attack speed seems quite devastating, especially in the early game. I tried this out with multiple Madstone Gem cards and it was quite brutal.

Based on what I have played today, I think he’s going to prove more than popular in the weeks ahead.

You can watch more of our Paragon videos over on Youtube.


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