PC Invasion Plays – Total War: Warhammer Bretonnians DLC


Greetings and forsooth to all lordly and lady types in the audience, for today I shall be embarking on a most chivalrous quest with the Total War: Warhammer Bretonnian DLC. Specifically, this is me playing through the Fey Enchantress’ quest battle – Chalice of Potions.

Playing through twice actually, because the first time I’m humiliatingly defeated and that’s something my Bretonnian pride just won’t stand for. Imagine trying to face the peasantry after such an awful ordeal. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

So yes, in the video below you’ll see how the play that quest battle the wrong way, and how to play it the … slightly more correct way. This was the first time I’d ever played this battle, or used ‘proper’ Bretonnians, so that’s my excuse. I have no excuse for forgetting about lance formation and most of the Enchantress’ spells. That’s just me being crap.

The DLC is free for all Total War: Warhammer players tomorrow. But if you can’t wait (and haven’t risked the Total War Access system), here are my incredible battle skills in action.