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Radio PC Invasion is broadcasting for a twelfth time, and as ever the latest episode can be downloaded at your convenience from the magical widget below. You can also stream it from there, if you fancy.

Older podcast episodes are squirreled away in the PC Invasion archive in case they ever need to be subpoenaed for court evidence. You never know.


Just Tim and I again this week, though all being well we’ll be welcoming Paul back for Episode 13.

We discuss a few pre-release thoughts about Mad Max and whether this is going to be another Shadow of Mordor semi-surprise, muse about the robot crotch in Metal Gear Solid V (while giving GameCenter CX a plug at the same time), and marvel at the sublime beauty of the new Barkley 2 teaser trailer.

Kojima and Tales of Game’s. Two creative forces at the height of their powers.

Tim explains how the newly announced Dota 2 majors are going to work, and has some theories about why there hasn’t yet been an all-conquering British team. This somehow turns into a cricket discussion.

After that’s done with, we talk about theĀ Syndicate-inspired Satellite Reign, and get into some port-chat with Zombi and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

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