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To make up for being later this week, Episode 13 of the PC Invasion podcast is almost two hours long. That’s mostly because a lot of interesting games came out this week (or just before), and you shall hear about them. If you listen. Which you can do below, either by streaming or downloading the mp3.


The podcast kicks off with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain discussion, but it’s of a non-story-spoiler nature. Tim talks about a few missions, but it’s of the “in this one I had to shoot three commander guys” variety rather than “this big story event happened!” Use your judgement, obviously, but I think it’s all pretty safe stuff.

After that, we wake Paul up and talk about Eugen’s new RTS, Act of Aggression. Which to me sounds mostly like an excuse for Paul to brag about how he can beat the AI on ‘very hard’. But also goes into both single and multiplayer modes, faction balance, and various other aspects.

Then there’s a bit of Mad Max chat, a break, a brief bit of Dark Souls, more Mad Max, Tim testing me on Australian slang, and finally more discussion about Satellite Reign. I wanted to squeeze in some Pillars of Eternity expansion talk too, but the podcast was running on a bit.

No real news chat this week, it’s all games games games.

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