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Yes, we’re a bit late again. Who knows when the PC Invasion Podcast will return next! (It’ll be next week, on … a day). Always be alert for a new broadcast. It could strike at any moment.

Stream or download Episode 14 on the podcast, below. Older episodes are in our bunker archives, and you can read on a little further for a summary of this week’s ramblings.


First of all, if you’d like to send us $22,000 USD for a positive mention on the podcast, feel free. We won’t necessarily do it, though. Yes, it’s another story about some of the less ethically motivated fellows among the YouTube broadcasting crowd. Here are the FTC Guidelines mentioned in the pod.

After tutting at shady deals for a bit, we move on to talking about something much more cheerful – Dragon’s Dogma coming to PC. Hurrah.

Then it’s back to depressing business angles again, with Fallout 4’s amazing mystery box Season Pass. Pay $30.00 USD to receive something in the near future. It might even be a good something. Who can say?

There’s a bit of DOTA 2 and FIFA 16 chat (somehow we find a common link there), then a bunch more on Mad Max and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Still no direct spoilers for the latter, fear not.

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