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Back once again with the mid-week consistency (kind of, I guess it’s getting a bit late in Europe), it’s the PC Invasion Podcast. The ever-expansive and rambling Episode 17 can be found below. Stream it, download it, it’s up to you. Older episodes of the podcast can be found in the archives.

Read on below for an episode summary.


This week, Paul is still indisposed (last I heard he was on a zip-line somewhere), so Tim and I take another leisurely stroll through the week’s PC news. There are multiple detours, including some discussion about Thor films.

On a more topical note, we acknowledge that Undertale has been rather well received by critics, and Tim makes some controversial statements about Ocarina of Time.

In Kickstarter news, there’s word that the Avellone-powered Divinity: Original Sin 2 has raised a total of just over $2 million USD, while the newly-launched Battletech campaign is already at $1 million USD and counting. Two crowd-funded campaigns by studios (Larian and Hairbrained, respectively) who have shown they know how to manage a budget effectively and release finished, quality games in a timely manner.

By chance we also talk about Star Citizen.

After that, we muse about Hitman releasing with just three ‘locations’, and then I try (and fail) to remember Christopher Meloni’s full name before talking about the sci-fi nature of the new Black Ops 3 trailer.

There are more revelations about the similarities between Dota 2 and the FIFA series, followed by Tim’s thoughts about a Rogue-like-light-like game called Skyhill.

Yep, this episode is a long ‘un. It also features a lot of close textual reading. So listen out for that.

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