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In the pre-recording email setting out the agenda for this podcast, I made the mistake of mentioning that it “might be a short one”. So enjoy this inevitable 90 minute presentation.

Each and every moment can be downloaded or streamed via the magical device below. Older PC Invasion podcast can be found in the archives. They’re all quite long.


This week, we remember there were some things from last week that were probably worth mentioning. Grey market sales of review keys (booo) and Non-Disclosure Agreement stuff, for example. If you want to know how NDAs tend to work in this weird industry, have a listen. You’ll learn that Tim was not allowed to mention Mass Effect 2’s ‘Jack’ by name, for some strange reason.

After that, I bemoan the sad state of AMD’s finances and paint a grim picture of an Nvidia graphics card monopoly.

The games that have been in rotation on our various storage devices this week are Rebel Galaxy (space trading with Black Flag combat), Warhammer – The End Times: Vermintide (basically Left 4 Dead with hordes of rat-men), and Sword Coast Legends (which is … er … a D&D-based single player game, plus co-op dungeon master simulator … kind of).

And for anybody still confused about that Paul Hardcastle reference, here you go.

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