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Welcome an exciting new era of PC Invasion podcasting, in which I have somewhat learned how to use Audacity’s ‘noise reduction’ function. That means if you’re wanting to listen on headphones, you shouldn’t have to put up with a terrible background hiss (or, at least, it should be significantly reduced – I’ve not tested it on super audiophile equipment).

Episode 20 can be streamed or downloaded, below. Older, more hiss-filled episodes (sorry) can be found in the podcast archives.


This week, we talk about the audio issues and what we can (and can’t) do to sort those out. Then there’s a bit of comment on the other useful comments we received about last week’s pod. Thanks you everyone who got involved in that.

In actual PC-game-related business, there’s a hot new title on the horizon called Batman: Arkham Knight that will definitely work correctly this time. Probably. During this segment I lose my mind and mix up Origins with Asylum. Like an idiot.

Elsewhere, InXile appear to be making a new Autoduel; Total War: Warhammer will be squirreling the Chaos army away as a pre-order bonus (until it’s sold later as DLC, obviously); and we’ve got a LIVE new update about Overwatch’s system requirements. No Man’s Sky has a release window too. So that’s nice.

We’ve also got some more Vermintide chitterings, and Tim says Life is Strange is great.

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