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Fans of tight, focused podcasts will … probably be disappointed by Episode 35 of the resplendent PC Invasion Podcast. It’s all over the map this week. I don’t know what happened. Sorry.

As ever, you can download or stream it below. And find older ones in the archives.


This week, you’ll hear about deeply meaningful Star Citizen-related dreams, Tim’s development plans for Princess Di: Tunnel Racer, and some rubbish about Donald Trump. There are some discussions relating to actual PC games peppering such nonsense. I promise.

Namely; some chat about Quantum Break coming our way (on Windows 10 … and only to the Windows Store), whether Season Passes are justifiable (with regard to Fallout 4 and Dark Souls 3), and Amazon’s Lumberyard engine.

Crossing our respective hard-drives this week have been Pillars of Eternity’s White March (Part 2), a scattering of Cities: Skylines Snowfall (although Paul can’t say much about that yet), and the battling pair of Naruto: SUNS 4 and Street Fighter V.

Oh, and we’re in stereo once again. You can probably assume that’ll be the norm from now on. One day we might even invest in some proper microphones too.

Peter Parrish

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