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It’s all games all the time this week on the PC Invasion Podcast. Well, except for the bit about VR devices, and maybe the bit where Tim talks about TV shows. But otherwise, all games. Stream or download Episode 36, below. Older episodes are nestled inside the archives.


We kick off the podcast by talking about knocking people off; Hitman style. In the first of two Hitman segments, Tim and I talk about the recent PC beta and how it appears to compare with Blood Money/Absolution et al.

Paul’s been roaming about in a Black Desert looking for a small child playing pan-pipes (alas, he doesn’t find him), and I’ve been dodging zombies and familiar plot devices in The Walking Dead: Michonne.

It’s then right back to Hitman, this time in the form of mobile-puzzler Hitman: GO, whose ‘Definitive Edition’ Tim has been perusing.

All of which still leaves time to discuss Virtual Reality, the Vive (Vivé) pricing, and hardcore pornography. This may or may not be the last time we visit the word “teledildonics” during the podcast.

Plus, the announcement that you’ll soon be able to give us money in the form of a PC Invasion subscription kinda thing. You know. If you want to.

Peter Parrish

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