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~ Strong Language Warning ~ We discuss the Dota 2 Shanghai fallout in this episode of the podcast, so you probably shouldn’t listen to it around small children. I mean, don’t do that anyway. But especially not this week.

Right, with that said, here’s Podcast Episode 37. Want some older episodes? Sure, we have those! They’re in the PC Invasion archives. We got better at recording around Episode 34, so the earlier ones might sound a bit rubbish.


This week, we all feel a bit disappointed at Microsoft for persisting with a not-very-impressive Windows 10 Storefront for all their games. Especially when the games released, like Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, don’t turn out to run very well. An inauspicious start for DirectX12, there.

As mentioned, there’s some discussion of Valve’s firing spree after the recent Dota 2 major. What went wrong there? Is Gabe Newell going to make a habit of calling people names on reddit in place of an official statement? It’s Valve, so who the hell knows.

Delving into the rumour bin, we find fairly solid evidence of a new Alan Wake game, and rather less solid evidence of Battlefield 5 (or whatever) being set in World War One. That still leaves some time to laugh at HoloLens dev kits costing $3,000.

Game-wise, there’s chat about the splendid SUPERHOT, Paul gets all isolated in The Solus Project, and Tim has tamed all the animals in Far Cry Primal.

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