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How do you feel about the concept of Sniper Elite 4 being reinvented as a JRPG? Intrigued? Fearful? Moist? If it’s any or all of those things, come hunker in our bunker for Episode 38 of the PC Invasion Podcast.

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This week, there’s much ado about Paradox Interactive announcing their intent to go public. A stated desire to get into console and mobile games is a worry for such PC stalwarts as ourselves, but maybe having greater staff and player ownership of the company will work out for the best. We’ll know for sure in a couple of years, when we’re either playing Crusader Kings 3, or Crusader Kings: Family Fun Saga on iOS.

A moment of silence for Lionhead, who were unceremoniously closed by Microsoft the other day. Perhaps Peter Molyneux was more important to that studio than we all thought.

And, speaking of Microsoft, Tim Sweeney isn’t very happy about the prospects of their Universal Windows Platform. Is Sweeney just a meanie, or is this some Epic insight on his part?

Plus, thoughts on Into the Stars, more Solus Project and Weird Tim Game Of The Week™, The Count Lucanor.

Peter Parrish

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