PC Invasion Podcast #39

PC Invasion Podcast #39

The unofficial Chuckle Brothers fan-cast is in session, under the guise of Episode 39 the PC Invasion Podcast. If that sentence just confused you, try watching this video and seeing if it helps. It probably won’t, unless you’re from the UK and in your 30s(ish).

Whatever the case, you can listen to the latest podcast, below. Older episodes can be found over here, and (as far as I remember) contain roughly 99.8% fewer references to the Chuckle Brothers.


In this definitely-showing-our-age edition of the podcast, we discuss Hitman’s weird and frankly fairly terrible implementation of an always-online structure, the lingering death of EverQuest Next, confirmation of 60fps in the PC version of Dark Souls 3, and AMD’s all in one VR headset device. Plus, like us, developers Two Tribes are aging out of the internet. Unlike us, they’ve also aged out of videogames.

On the games front, things get a bit more up-to-date with my current thoughts on Tom Clancy Presents Tom Clancy’s Ubisoft’s The Division, Tim’s love of all things FMV in Need For Speed, and Paul’s annoyance with zombies in Moving Hazard.

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