PC Invasion Podcast #44

PC Invasion podcast

It’s that time of the week again; the time to say “well, I guess this podcast is as good as any, may as well listen to it”. PC Invasion Podcast Episode 44 is here, and ready to make your day marginally less tedious.

This week there were some slightly odd volume fluctuations. I think I’ve tamed a lot of them in editing, but if one of us occasionally sounds a bit loud for a bit (not ear-drum damagingly loud, don’t worry), then that’s the reason why. Idris Elba also gets a few more mentions, which I’m sure he’s delighted about. I’m told he’s a huge fan of the podcast. But it was Tim who told me, so that’s probably lies.

ANYWAY. On Episode 44 we talk about petitions – for Nosgoth and vanilla World of Warcraft servers, specifically. Then we take a trip back in time to the Industrial Revolution for an inspirational essay on working conditions from Alex “get those children back up the chimneys” St. John.

There’s mystery aplenty in the Dark Souls PC community (moreso than usual) as the multiplayer servers appear to be off without explanation (update: they came back), and the inevitable has happened in the VR world, with Oculus games now playable on the VivĂ©. Plus, Star Citizen news! No, it’s not coming out yet.

Meanwhile, Battlezone 98 Redux, The Banner Saga 2, and Battleborn have been on our respective gaming menus. Listen to all of that (either by streaming or downloading it), below.