It’s a period of the week somewhere around late Tuesday or early Wednesday, so it must be PC Invasion Podcast time. In Episode 45, we get the latest (well, for Tuesday morning) on the vanilla World of Warcraft server situation, and discuss what little information there is about John Romero’s Blackroom.

    To be honest, most of that is fawning over John Romero’s truly beautiful hair, but I’m sure no person of sane mind would begrudge us that. Inevitably, Daikatana is mentioned. Which brings us to the wonderfully sexually explicit ‘Superfly’s Johnson’ video. Somehow there’s discussion about Star Trek as well.

    After all that, there’s chat about Steam, bitcoins, film rental, and a Dota 2 patch. Then an interlude for feedback from Episode 44, because I forgot to read it out at the beginning of the show.

    In games, Paul has been playing … go on, guess … yes, Paragon (but also 8-Bit Armies), Tim’s been having a Corpse Party when he’s not been parkouring in the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst beta, and I’ve been in space with all four of Polaris Sector’s X’s.

    Listen to, or just download, the latest podcast below. Audio levels are still not perfect this week (sorry – still looking into that), but should be a bit better than the last episode.


    Peter Parrish

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