PC Invasion Podcast #47

PC Invasion Podcast #47

Kept you waiting, huh? Right, that’s the obligatory videogame reference out of the way. Yes, the PC Invasion Podcast makes a glorious return today. I’m back. We’re back. An exciting selection of technical problems are back. The edit should be okay though. Probably.

This week, we talk a bit about No Man’s Sky and uncover the secret identity of Peter Molyneux. Then Tim starts linking to screenshots from phallic-based beat-em-ups. And then Paul’s audio breaks for a bit.

Once that’s all sorted out, we come back with some chat about Just Cause 3 DLC, some belated views on Stellaris, Tim’s take on Doom 4: The Doomening, and some disagreements about Overwatch. It’s like the podcast never left.

Stream or download Episode 47, below. Older podcast episodes can be found in our archives. I think we’re still on iTunes somewhere too, so give us glowing reviews and ratings and stuff.


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