PC Invasion Podcast #48 – Pre E3 2016 Show

PC Invasion Podcast #48 – Pre E3 2016 Show

Roll up, roll up for the best show in town. Not our podcast, obviously. I’m talking about E3 2016. Where else will you find faceless corporations trying to act like normal people in order to sell videogames? Nowhere, that’s where.

So, Episode 48 of the ever-topical PC Invasion podcast has quite a lot of E3-related stuff in it. Watch Dogs 2, for example, which had a larger ‘reveal’ just before recording. Or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which had a similar developer-curated presentation. In fact, hang on, has E3 already started?

Yes. Although there’s still room for some rumours as well. Prey 2 (or whatever it is now) at Bethesda’s show, perhaps. Or maybe some kind of Red Dead sequel. There’s bound to be something that shakes us out of our jaded default state of cynicism. We discuss what those things might actually be.

In the world of PC games that we’ve actually played with our own hands, we talk about Total War: Warhammer, Hearts of Iron IV, Combat Air Patrol 2, House of the Dying Sun, and Space Run Galaxy.

All of that can be heard below. Older episodes in the archives, as usual. Which is where they should stay.

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  • MorningLM

    I hated Far Cry 2. I sat playing it, cursing it as the new Deus Ex : Invisible War. I think I even had some motion sickness issues. But I loved the first game and kept playing for one reason: I’d heard from multiple sources that it only started to become interesting after about three hours. And they were right. To the point that once I finished the game I immediately started playing it again. And loved it just as much the second time. The map, the graphics, the combat, the story, the weather system, the vehicles: I loved them all. People who complain about the malaria mechanic generally haven’t played beyond the tutorial where it’s frustratingly used to keep you within certain bounds. Beyond that I remember it as barely an occasional annoyance.

    Far Cry 3 wasn’t bad, but its game play felt more like a third party’s attempt at a domesticated Far Cry 2. Capturing enemy bases was too easy and the second part of the map was filler. I still haven’t bought Far Cry 4.

    • Tim McDonald

      Far Cry 4 is basically Far Cry 3 again, so you’re not missing much there.

      Yeah, I didn’t make the best argument about Far Cry 2 on the podcast, but I find it really hard to talk about and it was more a casual aside than a discussion point. Let’s try again:

      Far Cry 2 is… it’s a good game? It’s just not a fun game. It’s got a lot of stuff I really like (particularly the moral bleakness, and how almost every single character is a complete scumbag) but I don’t think I’ve ever really *enjoyed* it. It’s sort of like Spec Ops: The Line in that sense: it does some very, very clever things and it’s worth experiencing, but flamethrower aside, it’s not something I’d play for entertainment.

      That’s still praiseworthy – I mean, it’s basically Heart of Darkness in videogame form, in oh-so-many ways, and I’ve finished it a couple of times. I just don’t remember ever playing it through without finding it a bit of an unpleasant slog. And yet, weirdly, that actually contributes to the story, setting, and atmosphere. I’d probably think a lot less of it if it *wasn’t* a bit of a slog.

      Obviously you think otherwise, and hey, that’s fine 🙂