PC Invasion Podcast #48 – Pre E3 2016 Show

PC Invasion podcast

Roll up, roll up for the best show in town. Not our podcast, obviously. I’m talking about E3 2016. Where else will you find faceless corporations trying to act like normal people in order to sell videogames? Nowhere, that’s where.

So, Episode 48 of the ever-topical PC Invasion podcast has quite a lot of E3-related stuff in it. Watch Dogs 2, for example, which had a larger ‘reveal’ just before recording. Or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which had a similar developer-curated presentation. In fact, hang on, has E3 already started?

Yes. Although there’s still room for some rumours as well. Prey 2 (or whatever it is now) at Bethesda’s show, perhaps. Or maybe some kind of Red Dead sequel. There’s bound to be something that shakes us out of our jaded default state of cynicism. We discuss what those things might actually be.

In the world of PC games that we’ve actually played with our own hands, we talk about Total War: Warhammer, Hearts of Iron IV, Combat Air Patrol 2, House of the Dying Sun, and Space Run Galaxy.

All of that can be heard below. Older episodes in the archives, as usual. Which is where they should stay.