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Cast your minds back to a magical time. A time, just over one week ago, when games companies and publishers were gathered in the City of Angels to use the word “experience” far too often. Yes, this week on the PC Invasion Podcast we’re talking about the Electronics Entertainment Expo, more popularly known as E3 so nobody has to remember how or why ‘Expo’ stands for Exhibition.

Myself and Tim McDonald will go through every single press conference (because I couldn’t think of a more interesting or creative format), picking out the relevant PC bits and mostly making fun of them. EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, The PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, and Sony. They’re all here, and they all had PC things to show. Except Sony, who basically didn’t.

Listen to those incredibly important opinions by downloading (or streaming) the latest podcast, below. Or, if you want to go back in time, listen to some older podcasts in the archives.


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