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Episode 5 of the PC Invasion Podcast is now available to lightly massage your ears with the latest news from the wonderful world of PC gaming. Stream it into your hearing-holes below, or download a copy and save it for later. Previous editions are housed in our archives.


Here’s the bizarre image we talk about during the intro.

This week, there’s a bit of a love-in with older games (no change there, then.) Battlezone (of both varieties) and Terra Nova get the plaudits they deserve on the back of remake and re-release news, respectively.

In more contemporary gaming terms, we discuss Batman: Arkham Knight’s rapid disappearance from sale and what this means for our review of the PC version. We also get a rare and legitimate chance to talk about Star Citizen, because to everybody’s surprise the FPS section of that project is delayed again.

Happier PC release news emanates from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which last week started taking requests for PC features (Snake putting rats in his pockets is already confirmed for all platforms, don’t worry.)

Game-wise, Tim’s been finishing up Batman: Arkham Knight and rolling his eyes at Riddler. Paul’s been attempting counter-measures in Vector Thrust with mixed success; and I’ve been slashing people up in Ronin. Listen to the podcast to learn whether my tired brain can use words to explain Ronin’s (actually fairly straightforward when you play it) combat system.

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