PC Invasion Podcast #50

PC Invasion Podcast #50

It’s the 50th episode of the PC Invasion Podcast! A fact we celebrate by not noticing or making any direct reference to it whatsoever. Classic. In this post-Brexit world, only embattled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (Peter Parrish) and beloved British actor Idris Elba (Tim McDonald) can provide voices of sanity in the world of PC gaming.

This week, we talk about Dan Marshall’s Kickmen, get very nerdy about the FIFA 16 chemistry glitch, discuss G2A and grey market key sales, and notice that Nightdive’s System Shock remake now has a playable demo (here’s the article Tim mentions about the protagonist of the original being a horrific freak of nature).

He’s been playing The Technomancer. I’ve been playing Umbrella Corps (sort of), and Hitman. Together, those are games that we have played.

Download or stream the latest episode of the podcast, below. Older podcasts reside in the archives, biding their time until the stars align and they can be reborn in newer, stronger flesh.

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  • Railbydefault

    After playing enough Hitman 6: Hitman, I feel I can effectively bitch about shite mechanics. The button prompting, the ultimate immersion juice killer of the gaming world. In my relatively meaningless opinion, if you have to button prompt controls beyond the tutorial and/or after a few hours of play, then your control scheme is un-intuitive, and therefore breaks immersion. For all that could be said about the new Hitman, and I could say somethings, the control scheme is a flippin mess. Different button(prompts) for relatively the the same “use” functions. How can the clean aesthetic of the earlier, and BETTER Hitman games have been forgotten, or thrown out? I just can’t get into a game that has buttons popping into my view over characters for the entier flippin game. Thats my take on the game for the most part. I can have fun, but immersion is impossible when I can’t NOT see stupid button prompts all the damn time. If it werent so convoluted, and didnt need to be on the screen then the settings, and beautiful locations might be immersive, and even fun(even with all its lacking).

    Good Pod guys.

  • Great Podcast guys. I know you guys have enough on your plate, but I’d love to see a list of steam summer sale recommendations on here. Whether it be on the podcast or a post. Only a suggestion. Either way I always enjoy your honesty with pcgaming that a lot of the other sites strongly lack.

    • Hi Ben, thanks for that compliment! Not sure we’d be able to do a comprehensive Steam Sale list of that type before it ends on Monday, sorry 🙁 You can assume that anything we gave 8-10 to in a review is a recommendation though.

      https://www.pcinvasion.com/best-pc-games-2016 Here’s everything we’ve give 8+ in 2016. I’d add Dragon’s Dogma to that, which I didn’t get time to review properly.

      As for games from 2015, well, Tim would yell Undertale at you all day long I’m sure. The Witcher 3, of course. Pillars of Eternity. Way of the Samurai 4 (haven’t played 3, that might be good too).

      Getting more retro, I like anything from the Looking Glass Studios heyday – Thief: The Dark Project, System Shock 2 (not strictly LGS, but hey), Deus Ex (again, more LGS-influenced). Or later homages like Dishonored.

      It depends what kind of genre you prefer though, really! If you’re massively into puzzle games, then these RPG/more thoughtful first-person games may not do so much for you. If you read this before the sale ends, let me know the last three or four games you really loved and I might be able to offer a more specific recommendation!

  • wrap

    I was hoping to hear some discussion about huge Star Citizen Alpha PU 2.4 update. They have sent some new videos about server side of Star Citizen and sneak peak about Item System 2.0 features. More coming in today’s ATV and in Citizen Talk tomorrow.

    Great times for PC gamers.


    • We did manage to confirm that someone famous (I’ve forgotten who now, sorry) would not be appearing in Squadron 42. More seriously – Paul is only one of us who has any kind of access to Star Citizen, and I think he’s basically given up on it until S42 (the bit he’s interested in) is actually released.

      • wrap

        Oh, OK. That’s disappointing but I hope you will write more once the Squadron 42 has been released.

        Star Citizen is PC game that is leading in many areas and it is unfortunate that game sites doesn’t write at all about it but concentrate console games and E3 hype.

      • Railbydefault

        Find Dennis….Where’s Dennis??